The Mission of MOSES is to organize communities, develop faith-

based leaders and build relationships to advocate for social justice through a group of diverse congregations. MOSES accomplishes this through training leaders in churches, synagogues and mosques, teaching participants how to articulate their shared values and work with their constituents to take collective action in the public arena.


MOSES will be widely recognized as the most effective, influential and diverse grassroots organization in Michigan.


  • Leadership development: MOSES uses the time-tested training methods of the Gamaliel Foundation to develop ordinary people into effective leaders. Participants learn techniques for gaining the attention of elected officials, building community around important issues, communicating with the media, organizing public actions and holding public officials accountable to their constituents. Emphasis is placed on empowering low-income and minority leaders.
  • Community organizing: Working with our partner congregations and leaders, MOSES organizes public meetings and actions to address issues of concern to communities. Together, we build and participate in coalitions to support positive change at the local, statewide and national levels.
  • Civic engagement: MOSES encourages widespread participation in the decision-making processes that affect our communities: from elections, to policymaking, to urban planning. We identify and remove barriers to public participation through direct community outreach.
  • Advocacy: MOSES advocates for public policies that are equitable and beneficial to all people, including historically marginalized individuals and populations.
  • Issue campaigns: With an eye towards the long-term future of the region, MOSES contributes to ongoing campaigns to improve quality of life for people in metro Detroit and beyond. Current campaigns are focused on transportation, healthcare/food access, education and land use, among others.