Education For All


In describing the process of transforming education in South Africa, Nelson Mandela said: “We are steadily but surely introducing education that enables our children to exploit their similarities and common goals, while appreciating the strength in their diversity.”

MOSES’ goals for education in southeast Michigan mirror Mandela’s wishes for the children of his country. We are tirelessly working toward a region where all children – regardless of race, national origin or socioeconomic status – have access to the same high-quality educational and career-advancing opportunities.

Education equity: Educational opportunity in metropolitan Detroit varies widely between individual communities. The City of Detroit and many low-income Michigan communities suffer from underfunded public schools, high student-to-teacher ratios, discriminatory charter school policies, and lack of access to essential pre-kindergarten programs. In the congregations MOSES works with, the critical issue of educational equity has risen to the foreground in recent years. Leaders from these congregations work to:

  • Promote equitable funding of Michigan’s public schools
  • Halt the growing number of charter schools with discriminatory admission policies
  • Address the root causes of the “school to prison pipeline”
  • Encourage statewide reinvestment in youth of color
  • Promptly identify and rectify discriminatory educational policiesEducation_for_all_.jpg

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