Economic Dignity


There can be no true freedom without economic dignity. As long as human beings are beholden to poverty, corporate greed and predatory creditors, we cannot be truly autonomous. We envision a future where all residents of metropolitan Detroit will have the right to secure, full-time employment at a living wage, under safe and equitable working conditions.

  • Minimum wage and workers’ rights: MOSES is part of an active coalition of faith and labor organizations working towards a livable minimum wage for southeast Michigan workers.
  • Community benefits agreements:New businesses and development projects have the potential to transform Detroit – but only if they directly benefit the people of the city and region. MOSES works to secure Community Benefits Agreements with businesses and infrastructure development projects, to ensure that a portion of jobs and training are reserved for low-income residents, people of color, and women.
  • Pathway to citizenship: Immigrants and their families are important contributors to Detroit’s economy. As Detroit struggles with under-population, it is essential that immigrants living in the city have a pathway to citizenship, so they can continue to live and work in the region securely.
  • Second chances for Detroit Youth: MOSES' Youth arm, CB3, is working to have civil citations as a disciplinary measure for youth charged for non-violent offenses. They recognize how criminal charges can take away opportunities to live a healthy life. MOSES builds opportunities for young people to build their community and keep them out of prison is a priority.